Dana and Nash

•5. October 2014 • Comments Off on Dana and Nash

Last training for the oldies. They are retired now.


Screws and implant

•26. April 2013 • Comments Off on Screws and implant

After Leo´s accident end of November, he broke his right hindleg at a freerun.


Screws and the implant are out now!


Emma & Nahla

•6. November 2012 • Comments Off on Emma & Nahla

Since two weeks the puppies spend some time with the adults to play.

Emma is “talking” with Nahla.

Five new puppies

•1. September 2012 • Comments Off on Five new puppies

Yesterday five new puppies, two males and three females, were born.

Still at home!

•29. November 2011 • Comments Off on Still at home!

No snow in sweden, have to train at home, yet!
I have still eighteen dogs in training, but I run only one team with twelve dogs each day. Six of them have allways a rest day.

Teaching yearlings in lead

•3. November 2011 • Comments Off on Teaching yearlings in lead

Now I train eighteen dogs in two teams. In each of them I use a grown leader to teach a yearling as leader. At the moment the youngsters Clyde, Luis, Rusty and Nahla running alternately in front of the pack.

Little “Lucy” and Clyde

Luis and Grischa

Dalina and Luis

•3. October 2011 • Comments Off on Dalina and Luis

Luis, one of the young guns did his first run in lead yesterday. He did very well!

Fall training is ongoing!

•20. September 2011 • Comments Off on Fall training is ongoing!

Luis and Clyde after theirs run. Yearlings doing very well till now!


•10. June 2011 • Comments Off on Rusty

Rusty is serving the soup of the day.

Rusty and Luis

•18. March 2011 • Comments Off on Rusty and Luis

Young dog training is underway, two teams with four and three youngsters in each team.

Rust and Luis after their run.